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It is worth noting, that comparing fireworks companies based on what materials you get for the cost, is akin to comparing artists based on what amount of paint they use.

To get a more accurate impression of what you will get from this company (if you cannot see them in the flesh, as seen best) study the video's page, to see the quality of Spitfire's work.

Several choices influence the price of your fireworks display, the following factors affect the total:


The amount of stations the fireworks are fired from, extending the 'stage' of fireworks on the floor which translates to a huge spread in the sky


There are three main firework qualities that Spitfire use, our basic quality, Yung Feng quality and European quality fireworks, visit the fireworks page for a more in depth description


This has a different meaning between fireworks only and music and fireworks shows. In Fireworks only displays, this refers to the frequency that varying fireworks fire at once increasing the depth of effects and explosions and intensity of the show. Rather than a longer duration show, it results in a more intense and impressive yet shorter show, keeping the pace so fast that your audience cannot get their feet.

With a Music show, this refers to the flexibility allowed for the choreographer, to fire more fireworks and trigger more punctuation's throughout the song. Rather than only highlighting the very obvious musical changes, and missing out more subtle and clever punctuation's. Resulting in an intelligent choreographed piece that represents the fireworks dancing to each beat, rather than just the key areas of music.

Pricing Packages.

Fireworks Only displays start at £600

Fireworks to Music displays start at £1,200

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Each budget is as unique and individual as the occasion it is developed for.


The navigation buttons to the left will take you through the difference you can expect from each show. If you wish to choose the fireworks for your display, the Custom button will take you to the price breakdown. Offering you the freedom of tailoring your own display requirements to suit your needs.


If you would prefer to have your requirements designed personally - then send us an e-mail specifying what you are looking for - or give us a ring - we are more than willing to talk though your display.


We still cannot believe the fantastic display your team put on for us, we certainly did not expect Alton Towers, well done all of you

Jules McIntyre - Stratford.