Fireworks Displays To Music - The Ultimate Fireworks Thrill

Our in house designer will create a spectacular Fireworks & Music display to your exact requirements.


So if you require a fully Synchronised and Choreographed Fireworks to Music display that takes in all of the finer points that will separate the ordinary from the Excellent.

We have such a range of Firework effects at our disposal that we can interpret most types of music sympathetically without overshadowing delicate scores and ruining the emotion of the song or music.


Fireworks to Music over Water

What a Brilliant Display, it made my special night Perfect

Christina Cundliffe - Rugby

Our Bronze package Music and Fireworks show values in at £1,200

This package can be extended by roughly £220 per minute there after.

Freephone: 0800 107 57 01


To increase the quality the minutes are valued differently depending on punctuation frequency and material grade.


see our custom page to understand the breakdown

Fireworks to Music


Fireworks to Music is the ultimate Fireworks experience, Spitfire have a national identity within the fireworks industry and have developed their name off the back of their choreography skill.


Spitfire's Fireworks to Music displays have to be witnessed to be believed, touching an emotional level that we have reduced our clients to tears on many occasions.


Each and every show is individually produced with total regard to the sensitivity of the music producing the ideal mood and flow of the production.


Not all Music is suitable to produce an effective Fireworks to Music Display, however we will try our utmost to accommodate unusual pieces


Seeing is believing... Seeing and Hearing is the next level... This will give that special piece of music or song, not just a meaning but an experience you'll never forget.


Feel free to browse our Video Gallery to view some of our previous displays and see the skill of choreography to tie the fireworks in with the music.