This show will last approximately five minutes, and is fired with the standard firework quality.


(the video featured includes a minutes worth of Yung Feng Quality fireworks, and so to truly replicate the display, the price would need to be £2,380)


The show is based across 5 stations as can be seen and features the pyramidal waterfall.


The song represented here can be replaced for another of your choice at the discretion of the choreographer. - Provided the length, and punctuation requirements are similar then it will not be a problem to express your music in a similar fashion.


Silver package Fireworks to Music is valued at £2,400

Freephone: 0800 107 57 01

Fireworks to Music


From Popularity, This band of fireworks will recreate the fireworks display seen in the featured video:

The price accommodates for this song, Chasing Cars as seen in this video. - However the video is not what you are limited to, but an indication of the punctuation and quality of your display.


It is a competition piece, and so the duration of the show is less than if you purchased based on maximizing the length of the display.