Fireworks for weddings

The Silver package moves up a gear with a bigger firing station incorporated into the display, this expands the show to an awe inspiring, sky filling finale which will be the talk of your guests.


The majority of the display will incorporate beautiful fanned out symmetrical fireworks, creating a magical scene in colours that can be chosen to compliment your wedding colour scheme.


Choose any of the display's and enhance the overall impact with one of our 'bolt on' extras.


Truly Magical, We cannot thank you enough
James Crofts - Solihull


The image to the left is the build up to the finale sequence in our Silver package display. Finishing with a 150mm canopy shell, a real sky filler that you'll need to move your head to take it all in...


For approximately 8 minutes of fireworks; Our second band of Fireworks

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Wedding Display Fireworks